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Screen flickering in VirtualBox with 3D enabled [UPDATED Sep 21, 2017]

How to "cure" screen flickering in VirtualBox on Ubuntu with a Windows 10 guest and 3D support enabled TL;DR: The goal of this article is to explain why [...]

GID of the “Domain Users” resetting to 100 with a Samba AD DC

When you provision an Active Directory with Samba as a domain controller, you have an option to use RFC2307. While this allows you to control what Unix UID [...]

Your shiny new SSD still recognized as an HDD in Windows?

[ Image from Kingston's website ] Indeed. One of the added bonuses of having an SSD is elimination of the need to run defragmentation. In the old HDD [...]

Ubuntu, LXD, Samba and the dreaded “sys_setgroups failed” error

Sometimes, errors produced by Samba can be really annoying. In such cases, they sure as hell depend on your actual configuration, environment, kernel and Samba [...]

Installing a generic Ubuntu server

Disclaimer This little tutorial is by no way exhaustively complete, but it provides a simple step-by-step guide on how to install a generic Ubuntu server. [...]