Screen flickering in VirtualBox with 3D enabled [UPDATED Sep 21, 2017]

How to "cure" screen flickering in VirtualBox on Ubuntu with a Windows 10 guest and 3D support enabled TL;DR: The goal of this article is to explain why VirtualBox machines on Linux host flicker if your host has an nVidia video card and the VM has 3D support enabled. Also, for 64 bit Linux, a patched library file is provided which can be installed "on top" [...]

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GID of the “Domain Users” resetting to 100 with a Samba AD DC

When you provision an Active Directory with Samba as a domain controller, you have an option to use RFC2307. While this allows you to control what Unix UID and GID numbers [...]

Your shiny new SSD still recognized as an HDD in Windows?

[ Image from Kingston's website ] Indeed. One of the added bonuses of having an SSD is elimination of the need to run defragmentation. In the old HDD world, as data is [...]

Ubuntu, LXD, Samba and the dreaded “sys_setgroups failed” error

Sometimes, errors produced by Samba can be really annoying. In such cases, they sure as hell depend on your actual configuration, environment, kernel and Samba versions and so [...]

Installing a generic Ubuntu server

Disclaimer This little tutorial is by no way exhaustively complete, but it provides a simple step-by-step guide on how to install a generic Ubuntu server. This article was [...]